A Few Ways A Pediatric Plastic Surgeon Can Help Your Child

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Most parents will not have the need for a pediatric plastic surgeon. However, if your child has physical abnormalities or deformities that are disrupting some normal functions or causing mental anguish due to bullying, you do have the option of having them corrected. Here are three of the more common problems children have that can be fixed with plastic surgery.


A hemangioma is a collection of blood vessels that appear as a colored lump on the skin. Many people refer to them as a strawberry mark and think of it as a birthmark. Hemangiomas may shrink in size and disappear completely over time. Sometimes, however, they continue to grow and will never disappear. While it is not harmful in itself, a hemangioma may grow to block a nostril, cover an eye, or be on the mouth. In addition, if the hemangioma does not disappear, it can be a source of ridicule once the child enters school. A plastic surgeon can remove the hemangioma completely.


If your child has ears that stick out from his or her head it can be the cause of bullying at school. It can also cause a lack of confidence. A plastic surgeon can use a technique to essentially pin the ears closer to the head. Another problem with ears is when the external ear is too small. The external portion of the ear collects, funnels, and directs sound toward the inner ear, allowing the sound waves to cause the vibrations needed for hearing. When the outer ear is too small, there is a possibility of impaired hearing. Having the ear surgically enlarged can help your child to hear better when this is the problem.


If your baby or child looks tired all the time because of droopy eyelids, it might also be limiting the amount of light that is getting into the eye. This can be the cause of weak or limited vision. A pediatric plastic surgeon can correct the problem and hopefully restore your child's vision to normal.

Plastic surgery is not always performed for strictly cosmetic reasons. It is important to consider the problems that can be corrected with the surgery. When doing so, do not forget to take into account the way your child sees him or herself and how it affects self-confidence. Childhood can be rough, especially when being bullied because of a deformity of some type. Talk with your pediatrician, he or she can help you decide whether plastic surgery is right for your child and how it can help.


29 March 2016

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