2 Reasons To See A Neurologist For Severe Headaches

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One of the most useful healthcare professionals that you can utilize when you are experiencing severe headaches is a neurologist, mostly because he or she will have a lot of training and experience dealing with headaches specifically. This is very useful as a general practitioner may try to take a single solution approach to all headaches which is often ineffective as there are many different causes for headaches that general medication may not be able to deal with. Listed below are two reasons to see a neurologist to help you deal with headache pain.

Approach The Headaches From Multiple Angles

A major reason to see a neurologist for severe headaches is that he or she is going to approach the cause of your headaches from multiple different angles, which can help him or her narrow down the cause of your headaches. For example, a neurologist can utilize your medication history to determine the types of headache and possible causes by finding out which medications have proven ineffective against the headaches and which ones have helped you to feel even a little better.

In addition, the neurologist will look at your lifestyle in order to determine if that is the cause of your headaches. In that situation, the neurologist may find that your level of fitness, alcohol consumption, caffeine consumption, or diet is the cause of the headaches and that simply changing that aspect of your life can mitigate the pain of your headaches or reduce their frequency.

Will Not Always Resort To Medication

One of the biggest concerns that many individuals have when going to the doctor is that they will be given prescription medication as a primary treatment method. This concern is often quite valid when you consider that many prescription medications have a list of side effects and can cause a patient to become addicted or dependent on the drugs. Thankfully, a neurologist will often only utilize medication as a last resort. 

In many cases, a neurologist will attempt to treat a headache in a variety of ways, such as by observing your sleep if your headaches include neck and shoulder pain. In that situation, the doctor will have you stay overnight in a sleep treatment center in order to see if you have sleeping habits that contribute to your headaches and tension, such as fitful sleep or sleeping in odd positions. 

Contact a neurologist today if you have been suffering from frequent and severe headaches that have not been responding well to over-the-counter medications in order to discuss how he or she may be able to assist you. A neurologist can help you deal with your headaches by approaching them from multiple angles to find the best course of treatment while also considering multiple treatment options in place of medication if possible. To learn more, contact a clinic like Billings Clinic. 


10 June 2016

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