3 Ways To Help Improve Your Child's Posture

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For years, experts have suggested that posture can be linked to back problems for adults, but even kids should be concerned about this. In fact, about 56% of teens have spines that are deformed or misaligned due to poor posture. This can be a result of spending hours watching television and playing video games, or it can be due to the weight of heavy book bags. Whatever the reason for the bad posture, it is important that you check your child's posture, as this could affect their physical activity, cause additional back and neck strain, and inhibit organ function. 

Increase Physical Activity

Whether your child has terrible posture or great posture, it is important that your child has a certain amount of physical activity each day. For many kids, they will get this through school by the use of the playground or a recreational class. Your child should get at least 60 minutes of physical activity each day, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This should include a combination of aerobic activity, bone strengthening, and muscle strengthening. By your child increasing their strength, they can better support their spine, This reduces the chances of the spine becoming misaligned or deformed. 

Educate Them on How to Sit

One of the easiest ways to improve your child's posture is just by teaching them what is right. It is important that you cover correct posture for standing, sitting in class, and watching television. When standing, your child should be able to draw a straight line from the middle of your ankle to your ear lobe. Your shoulder, hip, and knee should also be lined up according to the imaginary line. When sitting in the classroom, your child should not be slouching and have both feet flat on the ground. While watching TV, your child should be looking at the screen at eye level. 

Choose the Best Book Bag

Book bags play a major role in your child's posture. When the bag is too heavy, your child may tend to slant forward when they walk or stand. If your child chooses to only wear one strap, it can cause their spine to curve. It is crucial that your child wear their bag using both straps and that the straps are tightened to ensure that the bag sits properly on their back. If the straps are too loose, then the bag will sit low on the back causing them to lean backwards. You also want to be careful about how much the bag weighs. It should only be packed with your child's necessities so that it does not weigh too much. 

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26 August 2016

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