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If you have something wrong with you that leaves you with chronic pain, then you should familiarize yourself with the McKenzie physical therapy method. Here are the basics that will give you enough information to see why this method of treatment can be beneficial for people, such as yourself, who are in chronic pain.

What is the McKenzie physical therapy method?

This therapy method is one that focuses on ensuring that your musculoskeletal problems are properly assessed. The method can assess every problem from the neck down to the feet. Along with musculoskeletal assessments, other issues can also be assessed that deal with your nerves, such as sciatica.

This method of therapy was first developed in the 1950s by a physiotherapist by the name of Robin McKenzie. Along with a complete assessment, the method also focuses on diagnosing issues and then coming up with treatment plans that often revolve around exercise that helps to do things such as strengthening muscles in specific areas that will help to take stress off of the affected joints in a way that helps to relive pain. The method focuses on helping to overcome physical issues without the need for things like medications, shots, ultrasound, or surgery.

What are the benefits of this therapy method?

When you go to a facility that follows the McKenzie physical therapy method, you can expect to get a lot of benefits. Some of these benefits will include:

  • Learning how to control your pain using natural methods, so you won't have to rely on medications or surgery that may help or may make things even worse.
  • Gaining knowledge and understanding of your body that will not only help you with your current issues, but also be helpful with any issues that you may end up with in the future.
  • Learning techniques that will make you stronger in your areas of concern, as well as other areas of your body that can help you to prevent other issues from showing up at all.
  • Learning what will make your pain worse and what to do to eliminate it when it does show up by doing specific movements that will help.


If you have pain that bothers you often, or even all the time, then therapy that helps educate you and focuses on providing you with lifelong knowledge of how your body works will be great. This method can do just this for you. Reach out to a company like Hands-On Physical Therapy to learn more.


29 September 2019

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