Here's What To Expect From The Midwife You Decide To Work With

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Now that you have learned that you are pregnant and have decided to work with a midwife, you may be wondering what you expect from the experience. Here are a few things you should be able to expect from the midwife you choose to see.

A Professional Certification

Any qualified and reliable midwife will have professional certification that proves they have the training and experience necessary to oversee your pregnancy. There are multiple types of certifications a midwife may have. Some maintain just one certification and others maintain two or more. The certifications a midwife may earn include:

  • Certified Nurse Midwives – These are first and foremost registered nurses who have midwifery experience through a certified midwifery-nursing program. CNMs typically take a national test and once passed, they can work as a nurse-midwife anywhere in the United States.
  • Certified Professional Midwives – While not registered nurses, CPMS have childbirth training outside and sometimes inside of the hospital setting. Most have clinical training and experience too.
  • Certified Midwives – CMs typically have earned a bachelor's degree focused on the fields of childbirth, health, and/or family planning. They will also have completed a midwifery program that is accredited in the state that they are working in.

A midwife does not need more than one certification to do their job well. But they should have at least one certification.

Family Planning Services

Your midwife should be able and willing to provide you with a variety of family planning services. Not only will they help you come up with a comprehensive birthing plan, but they can help with birth control after the baby is born. They can provide you with nutrition and exercise advice that will help you be your happiest and healthiest self throughout your pregnancy.

They can provide you with referrals to other care providers, programs, and support groups that can help address your specific needs and expectations. They will be there to offer you emotional support when decisions about childbirth must be made. Of course, they will be there to make sure that your baby is delivered safely into this world.

A Relationship with Your OB

If you would like for your midwife to work with your obstetrician throughout your pregnancy, they should have no problem doing so. They can go to OBGYN appointments with you and maintain an open line of communication with your OB to ensure that no important information is overlooked by either of them. They will send reports to your OB and receive reports from them whenever there is a change in your health or an update to your medical record. Find midwives in your area today. 


3 December 2020

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