How To Stay Sober During Substance Abuse Treatment

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As you receive treatment for substance abuse, you may wonder how you can stay sober during and after treatment. After all, treatment is difficult and enduring. How can you be sure that it will last?

If you are concerned about sobriety during your substance abuse treatment, these tips will help you create a plan.

Identify Risky Situations

One of the best things you can do is to identify situations that are potentially risky. If you know which people may be risky to be around or what situations might trigger you to want to use again, you can learn how to avoid them as early on as possible. This can help you avoid a relapse.

Rely on Peer Support

It is also important that you build support with your peers. You can build peer support by attending group meetings, including 12-step meetings. You will find people to identify with and you'll learn more about the different ways people in your situation move forward.

Build a Support Network

A support network will be crucial during and after substance abuse treatment. Not only do you need doctors and other professionals on your side, but you should also incorporate friends and family members who you can count on for support throughout the journey.

Find Ways to Manage Desires

There are many ways in which your body will have cravings for drugs. Some cravings can be entirely physical, while others may have a social or emotional component as well. It is important that you consider new ways to relieve cravings. For example, some people find that meditation is beneficial, and some turn to exercise as the best way to deal with the physical component of cravings.

Seek Meaning

Many people find that it is most effective not only to avoid substances but also to seek meaning and worthiness somewhere else. This could mean that you benefit from volunteering for a cause that you care about or returning to school in a low-stress situation where you take just one or two classes at a time. Meaning can also come in the form of exercise and self-care, helping you boost your confidence and improve your sense of self-worth.

Receive Treatment Today

Substance abuse treatment can help you change your life. If you are unsure how to move forward, substance abuse treatment is a great resource. Make an appointment with a professional today to learn more about substance abuse services and maintaining sobriety during and after treatment.


7 January 2021

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