What To Avoid During Pregnancy

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There is so much joy that accompanies expectant mothers. Yet, they have to make numerous sacrifices since they are responsible for their little one's life. Does this suggest that when you're expecting your little one's birth, you'll have to bid farewell to everything you care about? Not exactly, but you'll need to make some adjustments.

Apart from avoiding alcohol and narcotics, there are only a few other hard and fast rules concerning what you shouldn't do during pregnancy. In most cases, you will resume most of the activities you used to do before becoming pregnant. But, since your baby's health and safety are critical, avoid the following products to stay healthy during pregnancy.

Unpasteurized Products

It's best to stay away from unpasteurized products such as cheeses, eggs, and milk when you're expectant. The pasteurization process destroys dangerous bacteria that infect individuals with compromised immune systems, such as expectant mothers. During breastfeeding, always opt for pasteurized foods.

Wet Paint

It's impossible to determine toxicity from actual paint contact. Therefore, this suggestion primarily focuses on the probability of toxicity. Paint can be toxic due to the substances contained in it, like chemicals and individual solvents. Also, the exposure can take part in its toxicity. Although household painting contains a low degree of toxicity, the best approach is to limit your exposure to such paint fumes.

Old paintwork and solvent-based paints may contain small amounts of lead that may pose a danger to your infant. Therefore, it's advisable to stop scraping old paintwork or using solvent-based paints when you're pregnant.

Raw Meat

If you consume meat or eggs that are uncooked or undercooked when you're expectant, you may end up contracting foodborne illnesses. For instance, you can get toxoplasmosis and listeriosis, both of which may have severe long-term consequences. Although the bacteria pose little risk to healthy people, in expectant mothers, they can cause premature labor, severe infection to the infant, and at times, premature birth. Hence, before consuming eggs or meat, cook them properly to avoid the bacteria's negative impacts.

Fish With High Mercury Content

During pregnancy, high mercury content in your body can cause harm to your baby's vision and hearing. Indeed, it's crucial to minimize your exposure to high-mercury fish during pregnancy. Most big fish eat the smaller ones. Thus, they have high mercury content, harming the immune system, kidneys, and nervous system.

Even at low amounts, mercury can cause severe developmental disorders in infants. Therefore, as pregnancy care, consider the smaller ones like salmon, tilapia, and cod if you have to eat fish. 

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25 May 2021

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