Go Beyond Conventional: How Integrative Medicine Can Improve Your Life

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If you're looking for a new approach to your medical care, look into integrative medicine. One of the benefits of integrative medicine is that it combines with conventional treatment. In fact, integrative medicine builds on the foundation of conventional medicine. This gives you a more comprehensive treatment. If you're not sure that integrative medicine is right for you, read the list provided below. You'll find five types of treatment you can receive through integrative medicine.

25 January 2023

Key Aspects Of Foot Surgery Recovery

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If you've shattered the bones in your feet or experienced some other serious challenge that called for foot surgery, you may wonder how you will ever walk, run, or play on the affected foot again. However, you can help your recovery along by adopting some smart postoperative recovery strategies, including the following examples. Rest, Elevation, and Observation Immediately following surgery, your foot may display bruising, swelling, and other symptoms of internal bleeding.

20 December 2022

What You Need To Know About CPR Certification

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In an emergency, every second counts. That's why as many people as possible need to be certified in CPR or cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Here are a few things you need to know about CPR certification, including what it is, who needs it, and how to get certified. What is CPR Certification? CPR certification is the completion of a training course that teaches individuals how to recognize and respond to cardiovascular emergencies, including learning how to perform chest compressions and rescue breaths on both adults and children.

16 November 2022

How Can An Online Sleep Apnea Doctor Help You?

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If you've been diagnosed with sleep apnea, you may be wondering if you can see a virtual doctor. The truth is that an online doctor can help you with sleep apnea, especially if you've already been diagnosed with the condition. Virtual doctor visits can be a great tool for treating this condition. If you have concerns about sleep apnea, here's how an online doctor can help you. Review Your Medical History 

11 October 2022

Why Use Both Pre-employment and Random Drug and Alcohol Testing?

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If your company currently screens potential employees for drug and alcohol use, then you can identify candidates who have problems before you hire them. While pre-employment testing is useful, it doesn't give you a comprehensive solution. Many companies also run random tests for drugs and alcohol on people they already employ. This dual approach could be better for your business and your employees. Why consider random tests as well as pre-employment screens?

7 September 2022

Hearing Aid Evaluations? What To Expect

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Hearing is a critical part of life, so when an individual presents signs and symptoms of declining hearing abilities—treatment for this loss is important. Often, the treatment process begins with an assessment known as a hearing evaluation. During this step, a professional gathers information and data to assess your condition and determine which type of device is best.  More About Yourself You might arrive at your appointment with the idea that the technicians and other audiology professionals are only concerned about the hearing aid device, but this is an inaccurate assessment.

2 August 2022

Why You Should Consider Using A Self-Funded Health Plan For Your Business

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If you own your own business, you have many options when it comes to health insurance. One of these options is a self-funded health plan. Below is information on what this is, as well as the benefits this type of heal plan offers you and your company.  Self-Funded Health Plan With a self-funded health plan, your company has full responsibility for health insurance when it comes to administrative costs and health insurance claims.

28 June 2022