3 Must-Have Mountain Biking Accessories To Stay Safe


Do you love mountain biking? If so, you've probably learned that to get the most out of your experience, you need more than just a bike and a helmet. Almost anything can happen when you're biking through tough and secluded terrain. You can get lost. You can stay out longer than you expected and it can get dark on you. You can ride over a sharp stick or rock and get a flat tire. Having the right accessories can help you get through almost any situation. Here are three such accessories that can help you stay safe and get the most out of your mountain biking experience:

Hydration backpack. Staying hydrated is critical when you're mountain biking, especially when you're going at full speed for long periods of time. However, it's a little difficult to carry a water bottle around with you. That's where a hydration backpack comes in. It has a reservoir in the bag that you can fill with water. It then has a spout that reaches over your shoulder and right around your mouth. All you have to do is lean into the spout to get a drink. Some backpacks also have small pockets on the shoulder straps where you can conveniently store snacks.

Roll-up tool kit. If you ride long enough, you will experience a problem with your bike. That's just the nature of biking on rough terrain. Fortunately, most bike issues can be fixed with one of a handful of simple tools. You probably don't want to lug around a big tool kit, so look for a roll-up version. These are thin, fabric packs that hold every tool you'd need to fix a broken chain, flat tire, brake problem, or cassette error. They roll up, so they don't take up much room. In fact, you can probably fit them into a pocket on your hydration pack.

Portable headlamp. Sometimes, when you're going hard on an intense trail, it's easy to stay out longer than you expected. Before you know it, the sun is going down and you're out in the woods without much light. When this happens, it's helpful to be able to reach into your backpack and pull out a small headlamp to place on your bike. You want something that's lightweight so it won't be a burden on your bike. Also, look for one that's flexible. Some can be strapped to your head, your bicep, or even the crossbar on your bike.

To learn more about mountain biking accessories, visit your local biking store. They can recommend the best mountain biking accessories to help you reach your goals.


23 January 2015

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