Funeral Pre-Planning When You Choose Cremation


When you've chosen to be cremated, you'll need to adjust your funeral plans. While you won't be buried in a casket, there are some other creative ways to dispose of the cremains. Here are some points to consider when including a cremation in your funeral plans.

Do You Want A Viewing?

You can still choose to have a viewing before the cremation occurs. Some facilities have special coffins available for this purpose. While some states don't require embalming, you would need to be embalmed to have a viewing. If you want to skip the embalming, you can still plan a viewing where photos and personal memorabilia are used instead of your physical body.

Interment Or Dispersal?

With cremation, you can have a graveside service where your cremains are placed in the ground. You may choose to be placed in a columbarium and can have the service in the funeral home or near your final resting place. The columbarium creates a place where friends and family go to pay their respects without the expense of a grave and headstone.

You can also choose to have your cremains dispersed after the service. This is normally handled by the immediate family, but in some cases, you could plan it as part of the service. Some traditional dispersal options include:

  • Releasing the cremains in a favorite lake, stream or other body of water. A favorite hiking trail, park or beach is another option.
  • Dispersing the cremains on a family property such as a farm or summer home lot.

If this will be a military service, each branch of the armed services has their own procedures for dispersing your cremains.

A few non-traditional approaches include:

  • For the sports fan - Some sports clubs will allow the cremains to be dispersed onto the playing field. There are usually restrictions so talk with the club first and include the instructions in your pre-planning.
  • Go out with a bang - One company will incorporate your cremains in with fireworks. You could have an evening memorial service with the final event being a fireworks display where you are the host.
  • Be part of the final shot - Another company will use your cremains to make gun ammunition. If you are a hunting or shooting enthusiast, you could plan a special service on a firing range with this ammunition being your final salute to life.

Keeping The Cremains

Some families have a tradition of keeping the cremains. A variety of urns and boxes are available to keep the cremains sealed and safe for years. If you prefer a non-traditional approach, here are a few ideas to keep your memory alive:

  • Be part of a pendant - A portion of your cremains can be sealed into a small vessel and worn as a pendant. One company will use your cremains to create a stone-like substance that will be carved into a faceted centerpiece for a ring, necklace or bracelet.
  • Make a record of yourself - One company will use your cremains to make a vinyl record onto which you can record a final message or favorite song.
  • Create a timeless memento - Your cremains can be used in a working hourglass container. Your ashes work like the sand, counting off the moments since you were gone.

As you plan your funeral, make use of the creative options available when you choose cremation. For more information, contact a funeral specialist like Marine Park Funeral Home Inc.


10 February 2015

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