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As women age many changes happen to their body. Wrinkles pop up on the face out of nowhere, breasts start to sag, and extra weight in the middle. If you are having any of these problems, you can fight Mother Nature by visiting a cosmetic surgeon.

Breast Enhancement

If your breasts are sagging, you can make them stand upright again by getting breast enhancement surgery. You can start out with breast implants, which is fat placed in your breasts to restore the volume.  The doctor uses liposuction to take fat from somewhere else on your body, such as your stomach or thighs, and then transfer this fat to your breasts. If you would like, the doctor can place enough fat in your breasts to increase the size of them.

For sagging, the doctor will use a procedure known as a breast lift. He or she will may be able to do this breast lift surgery after the breast enhancement procedure. In some cases, he or she will do this as a separate operation.

Face Wrinkles

Face wrinkles usually start showing up around your eyes, your face may start to sag a little, which leaves wrinkles around your mouth, and you may also have lip wrinkles.

To take care of wrinkles, a cosmetic surgeon may use Botox. He or she will inject the Botox in the wrinkled area, which will then remove them. If they are very deep, it may only soften them, but they will be less noticeable. Some cosmetic surgeons may use fillers along with the Botox or on their own.

Weight Around the Middle

If you have weight in the middle, it could be due to peri-menopause, pregnancy, fluctuations in your weight, and it just may be hereditary. A cosmetic surgeon can help get your stomach flat again. The doctor can may use a procedure known as liposuction. This procedure involves placing a small instrument that is attached to a machine in the abdominal area that will suck the fat out.

The doctor can also do a tummy tuck procedure. This surgery removes the excess skin and fat in your abdomen, and then strengthens weakened muscles to make your belly area firm and smooth.

Talk with a plastic surgeon at a Center For Plastic Surgery in your area who can go over these procedures with you. He or she can help you decide on what will work best, and tell you the costs, downtime, recovery period, etc.


15 April 2015

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