How Biofeedback Is Used To Treat Seizures

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One treatment for seizures that has shown some promise is biofeedback. Biofeedback is used to monitor your internal state so you can then make modifications to achieve the health results that you want. By monitoring your brain wave activity, you can know exactly the condition of your own brain.

How Biofeedback Works

Biofeedback requires that you wear sensors to see and hear your bodily sensations. You are then trained to change these sensations. By receiving visual feedback of these changes, often in the form of line graphs, you can gradually condition how your body works. You achieve this level of control through several techniques, including deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and guided imagery.

Deep Breathing

Most individuals do not realize that they breathe very shallowly. By working with a biofeedback specialist, you can train yourself to breath more deeply in a manner that induces relaxation.

Guided Imagery

Guided imagery is the use of narration to create sensory images. The goal is to then induce a certain bodily state through the use of these images. For example, if you want to feel more peaceful, you would use guided imagery to induce this sensation of peace. You might imagine that you are at the beach. When combined with biofeedback, you can engage in guided imagery that achieves the specific changes in your body that you desire.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation involves consciously tensing and then relaxing your muscles. Through progressive muscle relaxation, you can identify and eliminate all of the tension that you experience in your body.

Biofeedback and Epilepsy

Biofeedback is used to train the brain to be less sensitive to changes in brainwave patterns. Epilepsy results from part of the brain being unstable. As a result, this part of the brain triggers the rest of the brain into a seizure. The advantage of choosing biofeedback is that it does not have any harmful side effects. The only thing you can lose is the time put into biofeedback. The treatment will not completely stop seizures, but can reduce their severity.

Treating the Root Causes

Not only can biofeedback directly target seizures, but it can also target the cause of the seizure. One common cause of a seizure is not enough sleep. If you use one of the relaxation techniques in conjunction with biofeedback, you can increase the likelihood that you will be able to fall asleep, reducing the likelihood of seizures.

For more information about alternative treatment for seizures, contact your doctor or other health professional.


23 April 2015

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