3 Beliefs That Can Stand In The Way Of Recovery


Statistics show that 23.5 million Americans struggle to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction. With so many people fighting the addiction battle, treatment options are becoming more available than ever before. Unfortunately, some core beliefs could be standing in the way of recovery.

Here are three beliefs that you need to set aside in order to overcome your own drug or alcohol addiction in the future.

1. The belief that sobriety will fix your problems

Drug and alcohol abuse often stems from an inability to cope with the difficulties you face in life. When you have been engulfed in the depths of addiction for a long period of time, it can be easy to adopt the belief that the drugs or alcohol are the root cause of your problem.

As you begin to lead a sober lifestyle it is important to master some coping mechanisms to help you deal with life's daily setbacks. Journaling, meditation, and exercise are positive outlets for your stress and anxiety, and these coping mechanisms will help you maintain your sobriety over an extended period of time.

2. The belief that refraining from the use of one substance means your addiction is no longer a threat

Many addicts mistakenly believe that a single substance is the root cause of their addiction. Just because you have mastered the ability to refrain from using a single substance doesn't mean you are fully recovered. Addiction, by definition, is characterized by the inability to control one's choices. This lack of control can be manifest in a variety of ways, from using illicit drugs, to eating too much.

In order to truly travel the road to recovery, you must recognize that addictive tendencies could lead you astray at any time. Be wary of any substances or behaviors that cause you to feel like you are losing control.

3. The belief that your circumstances are special and unique

Many recovering addicts hold the false belief that their situation is unique. If you have ever listened to a recovering addict reveal tales of their difficulties in a group setting and felt that the same difficulties could never plague you, then you might be guilty of holding a belief that will stand in the way of your recovery.

Statistics show that the number of people who will experience a relapse during recovery can range anywhere from 50% to 90%. By ignoring the belief that you could never succumb to your addiction, you will be better able to prepare to battle the urge to relapse in the future.

Recovery is a daily struggle, and overcoming your addictions can be difficult. By taking the time to identify some beliefs that could be standing in your way, you will be able to better navigate the road to recovery in the future.

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4 June 2015

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