How to Reduce the Effects of Pet Allergies in Your Home

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If you suffer from allergies due to the pets in your home, you don't need to continue suffering if you make a few changes with them in mind. Reducing the effects of allergies can be quite easy, even without the use of regular medication, as long as you take advantage of a few of the following tips for your home.

Keep the Air Conditioner Filter Changed

The filter in your air conditioner needs to be routinely changed, although the exact frequency depends on the model of your air conditioner itself. Since the unit depends on the filter to trap dust and debris in the air, you'll need to make sure that the filter is always kept up with replacements so that you don't end up breathing in poor quality air as a result.

Make Grooming Part of Your Routine

Whether you own a dog or cat, grooming needs to be practiced regularly to avoid harsh allergic reactions. This includes brushing your pet daily or several times a week to get rid of any loose hair that could be causing a reaction in your body.

Consider if Your Pet Needs Baths More Frequently

While brushing is an important part of grooming, it may not be enough to reduce the effects of pet allergies entirely. Instead of sticking with only brushing, consider the addition of baths. Even with the difficulty involved in bathing your dog or cat, it may be necessary to get rid of extra grime that could be triggering your allergies.

Vacuum the Floors and Furniture Regularly

Loose hair and pet allergens can be left all over your home if you fail to clean up regularly. In order for your home to stay clean, you'll need to vacuum the floors and the furniture on a weekly basis.

Improve Air Quality with Houseplants

The addition of some houseplants can make a significantly noticeable difference in the air quality, possibly helping to reduce the effects of pet allergies. Plants such as aloe and Gerber daisies can be attractive additions to your home and give you cleaner air as a result.

Exploring the various ways to reduce the impact of allergies related to pets can make an enormous difference in how clean the air in your home is and how comfortable you are. With the incorporation of some of the tips above, you won't need to rely as heavily on allergy medication and can breathe easier. For further advice, contact a company like Oak Brook Allergists.


17 July 2015

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