Practical Methods For Avoiding Dry Skin This Winter

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Winter is coming faster than you know. Pretty soon the air will be dry and cold, and your skin will be dry and cold along with it. Knowing how to prevent winter time dry skin can help ensure comfort throughout the season. These tips will help you fight dry skin and seek treatment when necessary.

Fight the Urge to Take Hot Showers

It may be cold outside, but taking hot showers to compensate can make your skin dry and flaky. Take showers with warm but not hot water. To ensure that you're comfortable throughout your shower, install a wall-mounted bathroom heater to warm your bathroom up before cleansing rituals. This will help you avoid the temptation to turn the water up to a higher temperature at shower time.

Towel Off Right

Pat your skin dry after bathing or showering. Never rub your skin with a towel. Rubbing water off of your skin can damage the sensitive top layer, resulting in flakes when the skin is dry.

Humidify Your Home

Humidifiers help your home maintain an even moisture level even when the weather turns dry and cold. The best way to humidify your home is to purchase a humidifier and hygrometer, which measures the relative humidity levels in your house. The University of Minnesota recommends maintaining a humidity level of 40% or below if the outside temperatures are in the range around freezing. This is optimal for maintaining healthy humidity levels in your home without causing condensation. As temperatures outside drop, you'll need to lower the humidity levels in your home as well. You can see the exact recommended levels on the Home Energy Resource MN website. 

Choose the Right Moisturizer for Your Skin Type

Moisturize every day using the right moisturizer for your skin type. If you have dry skin, switch to a heavy, oil-based moisturizer in the winter. However, if your skin type is a combination of dry and oily (which can happen), seek out a heavy moisturizing cream without oil. Always use oil-free facial moisturizer on your face. Finally, use moisturizers that contain sunblock. Sun damage dries skin, and many people get sun damage in the winter because they neglect to wear sunscreen when it's cold.

Know When to Seek Treatment

If you have a pre-existing dry skin condition like eczema or psoriasis, make a check up appointment at your dermatologist clinic before the winter weather sets in. If you've never suffered from a dry skin condition before but are starting to notice the symptoms of extreme dry skin (like cracking, bleeding and pain), make an appointment to visit your dermatologist clinic today.

For more information, contact J Kent Bartruff MD PA or a similar medical professional.


16 October 2015

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