Dealing With Your Volleyball-Related Shoulder Injury

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When you are an avid and dedicated volleyball player, you know that the strength and the range of motion in your arms and shoulders are among the most important in practice and in games. As such, if you suffer a shoulder injury like a strained muscle, torn ligament, or even a dislocation, then you may find yourself in a problematic predicament. Before you push through the pain and do yourself an even worse injury, get to know some of the steps that you should take for proper shoulder injury rehabilitation so that you can get healed and get back on the court.

Take The Time Off To Rest

As an athlete, it can be difficult to force yourself to step away from the court. You may be afraid to tell your coaches about your injury, or think that what is best for the team is that you keep playing and practicing through the pain.

However, because every aspect of volleyball including serving, blocking, spiking, and everything else involves your arms and shoulders, there is nothing you can do at practice or in games that does not run the risk of worsening your injury. Talk to your coaches or have your doctor do so, and take the days or weeks off to rest and recover your shoulder.

As a dedicated player, though, you will want to continue to go to practices even if you will be sitting on the sideline cheering your teammates on. Your dedication will not go unnoticed by your coaches and you will be welcomed on the court when your shoulder is ready to return.

If You Need Surgical Interventions, Do Not Put It Off

Surgery for a dislocated shoulder or other injury to the area may seem like a highly unwelcome inconvenience when you are in the middle of your volleyball season, and you may be tempted to just wait and see if your arm heals enough on its own to be able to get on the court with. However, this is a good way to take you permanently out of commission from your beloved sport.

If your sports medicine doctor tells you that the only way to recover is through surgery, then do not put it off until a later date. Aside from the problem of further injuries, there is also the chance that your shoulder will "heal" and develop scar tissue that will make later surgeries more complicated and less effective.

Get your surgery right away so that you can begin the surgical rehabilitation and physical therapy process as soon as possible. With the right dedication to your recovery, you will be back on the court by next season or by the time club volleyball season starts so that you can keep your skills fresh and your sports career intact.

Now that you know a few of the steps to take when you have a volleyball-related shoulder injury, you can take better care of yourself and be sure that you get on the court again as soon as possible.

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18 January 2016

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