7 Sunscreen Mistakes You Need To Avoid

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It is common knowledge that wearing sunscreen is one of the most effective ways to prevent skin cancer. However, it is possible to apply it incorrectly and not receive the desired benefits. Be more mindful when applying sunscreen so that your skin does not suffer. Here are seven common sunscreen mistakes you need to avoid:

Using the Same Sunscreen Too Long 

Just like most other things, sunscreen is not as effective after a certain amount of time. If you use your sunscreen past the expiration date, it likely will not protect your skin very well. Pay attention to the sunscreen's expiration and buy a new bottle as soon as the old bottles expires.

Neglecting Your Lips

Your lips can easily get sunburned, so you should always remember to protect them from the sun. Before you leave the house, cover your lips with lip balm that contains SPF. Lip balm can rub off easily, so don't forget to reapply it often.

Not Applying Sunscreen on Cloudy Days

Just because the sun isn't out, does not mean you should skip the sunscreen. The sun's ultraviolet rays can still damage your skin on cloudy days. To play it safe, apply sunscreen to your skin every day.

Forgetting to Reapply Sunscreen

If you plan on being out in the sun all day, applying sunscreen to your skin just once won't be enough. Bring your sunscreen with you and remember to reapply it every two hours or so.

Not Using Sunscreen on Certain Body Areas

Certain body areas, such as ears and neck, are often forgotten about when applying sunscreen. It's critical to apply sunscreen on all exposed body parts before you leave the house.

Relying on Your Make for SPF

It's true that some makeup products offer SPF, but it usually isn't enough to protect your skin. Be sure to apply adequate sunscreen before you put your makeup on.

Not Applying Enough Sunscreen

If you don't apply a sufficient amount of sunscreen to your body, you won't protect your skin very well. You should apply about two tablespoons of sunscreen to the exposed parts of your body before you leave your house. 

To maintain healthy skin, avoid making these common sunscreen mistakes. In addition to applying sunscreen every day, remember to get your skin checked for abnormal moles every year by a doctor. If skin cancer is detected early, it is easier to treat.


11 May 2016

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