4 Tips To Help Speed Up Your Recovery From Breast Augmentation

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If you are having breast reconstruction surgery this summer, and don't want to spend the entire summer recovering from your procedure, make sure that you follow the four tips discussed below that will help you speed up your recovery process.

#1 Purchase Special Undergarments

Before your surgery, take some time to purchase some special undergarments for your breasts. Your breasts are going to be really sensitive and sore following your breast augmentation surgery, and you are going to want to wear undergarments that help reduce swelling and allow you to move about as comfortably as possible. Ask your doctor where you can purchase these special undergarments. You'll want supportive undergarments that are made of soft material that will feel nice on your sensitive skin. There should be various wraps, bras, vests and foam undergarments that you can purchase and wear following your surgery that will give your breasts the support they need to recover quickly.

You may also want to purchase some nursing pads to wear in your undergarments. Your nipples may be extremely sensitive and more prone towards being erect following your breast augmentation surgery; wearing nursing pads can reduce sensitivity to your nipples.

#2 Purchase Comfortable Clothing

You'll also want to reassess the clothing in your closet and make sure that you have clothing that will be soft, fluid and comfortable. Save your tighter fitting clothes for when your breasts have healed from surgery and will no longer be so sensitive.

#3 Stock Up On Skin Creams

Your skin is going to be stretched during your breast augmentation process. Your skin is going to have to adjust to the changes that your doctor made to your body. This may make your breasts especially tender and may cause them to swell.

You can help the skin on and around your breasts recover by stocking up on skin creams. Try to use skin creams that contain natural healing ingredients, such as coconut based skin creams. Your doctor may also prescribe some skin creams for you that will help with the healing process; ask your doctor if you can get these prescriptions before your surgery so you can fill them beforehand. That way, you 'll have everything on hand that you need to recover when you get home from surgery.

#4 Prepare For Nausea

It is common, after breast augmentation surgery, to feel nauseated during the recovery process. Ask your doctor what type of anti-nausea medicine you should use following your surgery and pick some up beforehand.

You should also pick up foods that you find easy to eat when you are feeling nauseous and under the weather. It is important that you keep up your health and eat while when you are recovering.

Take time to prepare and get ready for your surgery; make sure that you have all the right clothing, medicine and food on hand before you go in for your surgery so when your surgery is done, you can focus on the healing process instead of buying the supplies you need to heal properly. 


27 June 2016

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