3 Ways You Can Help A Student With Peanut Allergies

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Peanut allergies are common. They can also be very dangerous. If you are a teacher and you have an incoming student who has peanut allergies, you may be wondering how you can help your student control their allergies in a situation where there are so many variables that may be beyond your or your student's control. 

Send a Letter Home to Parents

One thing that you can do is to send a letter home to all the parents of your students. You will want to explain that there is another student that has peanut allergies and list some of the things that shouldn't be sent to school with their children. The food that another student eats can contain allergens that could cause the affected student to have an attack, even if they aren't the one eating it. 

Know That Even the Residue of Peanuts Can Cause Reaction

Peanut allergies can be severe enough that just the particles in the air from someone else eating a peanut butter sandwich or something with peanuts in it can cause a person to have an attack. The aroma of peanuts doesn't cause an attack since the smell and the allergens are made up of different compounds and the aroma doesn't carry any of the allergens. If your student has an apparent reaction from someone that smells like peanuts, it's from tiny particles that are spread in the air. Peanut residue left on a desk or table can also be a problem for students. You can help to avoid that problem by keeping cleaning wipes in your room so that you can wipe down the table or desk to get rid of any residue. 

Know the Signs of an Allergic Reaction

It is very important that you know what an allergic attack looks like, especially if the student has a severe allergy. If their allergy is severe, a few moments can make a lot of difference in their treatment. A mild allergic reaction can include itchy eyes, red patches on the skin, and coughing. A severe attack can include the student's throat closing and difficulty in breathing. That student may have an epinephrine injection device that can be used in order to help stave off the worst of the effects until the student can get medical attention, which should happen as soon as possible. If your student's allergic reaction is that serious, you should call 911 after making sure their epinephrine device has been used. 

If you have an incoming student with peanut allergies, you need to know how to help them. A professional such as Alidina Laila MD can offer further advice.


26 July 2016

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