Tips For Preventing Backpack Pain This School Year

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With the school year beginning in most areas, this is the time when many kids find themselves struggling with pain in their neck, shoulders, and back. While tension and academic stress can cause some of the neck and shoulder tension, the most common culprit for this kind of pain is the weight of your child's backpack. Kids carry backpacks with lots of school books and other items all day long, and that's a lot of wear and tear on those important muscle groups. Here's a look at what you should know to help minimize the risk of this kind of pain for your child.

Start By Choosing The Right Backpack

Protecting your child's neck and back starts well before school does. In fact, when you start shopping for back-to-school supplies, you'll need to think carefully about the backpack that you choose.

Remember that the material the backpack is made from can make a big difference. Opt for material like canvas for a lightweight bag, because things like leather and suede can be heavier. Look for a design with two wide, well-padded shoulder straps as well. The straps should be a couple of inches wide to help distribute weight more evenly.

The back of the backpack should be padded as well, because that will help to minimize impact against the back. Finally, look for a hip strap or waist belt that will help hold the backpack in place and ease some of the weight on the shoulders. Finally, if it is at all possible, invest in a backpack that has wheels, because those don't have to be carried on the back at all.

Teach Your Child About Proper Backpack Use

Buying the right backpack is only half of the battle. If your child doesn't use it correctly, he or she may be causing damage as well. Take time to review some of the basics with your child to ensure that they are carrying the pack correctly.

Teach your child to put the heaviest items in the bag first, because that puts them closest to the body and lower in the bag. Also, recommend distributing weight evenly throughout the compartments. Make sure he or she uses both shoulder straps to wear the pack instead of just tossing a strap over one shoulder. While the one-shoulder carry is common for kids, it also puts all of that weight over one side, causing your child to shift their posture to compensate.

After the first day of school, take time to adjust the shoulder straps of the bag. Do this after the first day, because he or she will come home with the school books that will be carried all year. This lets you position the straps to compensate for the basic weight that the bag will have all year long. The straps should hold the backpack close to your child's body and centered on the back and shoulders.

If your child is experiencing chronic neck and back pain due to their backpack, consider taking them to a chiropractor at a location like Beltline Chiropractic.


6 September 2016

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