3 Natural and Herbal Methods to Treat Pain After Dental Implant Surgery

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As you prepare for your dental implant surgery, it can be helpful to know you can use natural and herbal methods to treat any discomfort while you are healing. Many prescription pain medications cause irritating and uncomfortable side-effects you don't want to deal with. Here are three natural and herbal methods to help ease pain after a dental implant procedure.

Clove Oil

When you are recovering after dental implant surgery, clove oil can help ease any pain you may experience. Clove oil contains eugenol, which helps reduce pain when you apply it to your painful gums. Additionally, clove oil is antibacterial and antiseptic, so it helps reduce your chance of an infection. You can find clove oil at most natural healing stores and online.

To treat any site pain with clove oil, put a couple drops of the oil on a cotton swab and gently apply it onto the area in pain. You can repeat this process several times every day, as needed.


Your dentist may already recommend you use a salt water treatment after your implant surgery, but, if not, salt is a beneficial way to ease the pain in your gums. Salt water rinsing also removes any food particles that may be stuck around the implant site and reduce the amount of bacteria in your mouth by making the inside of your mouth a more alkaline environment. An accumulation of food and bacteria around the site can lead to infections and further discomfort.

Because salt water is made of the same minerals that are found in your body, it doesn't irritate the skin around the implants. The salt water actually promotes healing in your gums. To use this method, place a half teaspoon of salt into a cup of warm water and stir the water with a spoon until the salt has completely dissolved. Take a mouthful of water and swish it around inside your mouth every two to three hours each day for pain, especially after eating a meal. Spit out the solution in the sink after rinsing; do not swallow the salt water.


Bromelain is an enzyme that is taken from the stem of a pineapple, and it has been found to help reduce your pain after surgery for a dental implant procedure. In addition to helping to reduce your pain without the use of pain medications, bromelain will increase the healing of your gum tissue and bone and reduce swelling in your gums and bruising at the wound site.

However, when you select a daily bromelain supplement for before and after your dental implant surgery, make sure it is enteric-coated, as most types of bromelain are not. The enteric coating helps to prevent your stomach acid from destroying a portion of the bromelain in the pill before you body can utilize it for the pain. You can find this supplement online and through many herbal health stores.

For more information about ways you can treat pain after dental implant surgery, talk to a dentist like those at the Oral Surgery Center.


26 October 2016

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