Listen Up! 3 Eye-Opening Quotes About Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss could easily be deemed one of the most prevailing sensual problems in the country. In the United States alone, there are about 48 million people who are dealing with some degree of hearing impairment. If you are one of these people, you know just how negatively hearing loss can impact your life. However, hearing loss is not an irreparable issue most of the time. Medical technology has helped audiologists develop hearing aids to help many people better hear the world around them. If you've not yet decided a hearing aid is best for you, there are three famous people with thoughts you should read on hearing loss to spur you along:

Ludwig van Beethoven

This poor soul is now known as one of the most notorious musical composers in history, but he struggled greatly with his hearing loss. Beethoven once said:

"My defective hearing appeared everywhere before me like a ghost; I fled from the presence of men, was obliged to appear to be a misanthrope although I am so little such." 

This quote goes to show just how hearing loss can affect your life by making you feel like you don't want to be around people, even if you are quite the outspoken and social person. Not being able to hear creates an isolating sense of loneliness even when you around a lot of people. 

Helen Keller 

Helen Keller is most known as an author and political activist, but Keller herself was also blind and deaf. She is quoted as saying:

"Blindness cuts us off from things, but deafness cuts us off from people,"

There are few things worse than being cut off from the world around you because you cannot hear what they're saying. Hearing loss makes it difficult to effectively converse with others, which can affect everything from your professional life to your personal life. 

Marlee Matlin 

Marlee Matlin is widely recognized as a deaf actress who has worked hard to surpass her hearing hardships to achieve great things. However, Marlee also says:

"I've always wanted to write a book relating my experiences growing up as a deaf child in Chicago. Contrary to what people might think, it wasn't all about hearing aids and speech classes or frustrations."

This quote is the perfect example of why you should not be afraid to get a hearing aid because you are afraid it pegs you in a certain group of people or affects how people look at you. Even Marlee Matlin shares that hearing impairment does not define who you are in life. 

Throughout history, there have been many people with hearing problems who have achieved incredible things; these are only a few of them. If you have issues with hearing impairment, contact a hearing aid company like Whisper Hearing Centers to find out what could be available to help you. 


28 October 2017

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