Did Your Weekend Marathon Training Result In Ankle Pain? 3 Signs That You Should Seek Urgent Care

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You've been working hard to get in shape so that you can finally achieve your dream of completing a marathon. Now, you can't help but worry that you might have pushed it too hard on the last run since your ankle is giving you problems. Although it is common to feel some pain in your joints after training hard, you should not experience major discomfort that disrupts your normal activities. As you assess your condition, keep these three signs in mind that signal you may need to have your ankle pain checked out at an urgent care center.

The Pain is Getting Worse

After running, it is important to gently stretch and rest your joints. Typically a strained joint will respond to the traditional rest, ice, compression, and elevation strategies. If your pain seems to be getting worse despite your efforts to alleviate strain on your joint, then there may be an underlying injury causing your symptoms to worsen.

There is Significant Swelling

A mild sprain or strain may cause some swelling. However, it should begin to slowly subside as you apply self-care strategies to the swollen area. If you notice increased swelling, then you may have a broken bone or more severe sprain that requires medical treatment. You should be especially concerned if the swollen area also has discoloration or bruising.

You Can't Put Weight On It

It might be your natural instinct to avoid walking on your affected foot, and it is true that rest is best for injuries that occur from overexertion. However, you should still be able to put the majority of your body weight on your foot and walk normally if you only have a mild injury. Try to stand up and walk normally. As you do so, check to see if your pain increases when you attempt to put your full weight on the foot. If the ankle buckles or you experience extreme pain, then you may need an x-ray or professional assessment of your foot to ensure that you do not have a broken bone or snapped tendon. Visit an urgent care facility, such as La Costa Urgent Care, to find out from a professional what is really going on with your injury.

While the last thing you may want to do is take time off from your training to heal from an injury, it is critical to know what is going on with your body so that you do not accidentally make things worse. Watch for signs that your injury is not improving so that you can seek medical treatment to correct the issue. This will get you back to working toward your goal of completing a marathon.


4 December 2017

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