4 Signs Of Hearing Loss In School-Aged Children

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Hearing is an important part of life. It is necessary for learning and enjoying life. Unfortunately, hearing loss affects people of all ages including babies, children, teens, adults, and senior citizens. While shocking to learn, about 2 to 3 out of every 1,000 children are born with some level of hearing loss. As a parent, you will want to know your child is affected by a hearing impairment to determine the options available to them. Here are a few signs your child has hearing loss.

Turns Up the Volume

One of the most common signs that your child has a hearing problem is if they are constantly turning up the volume. They may ask you to turn up the television or they may increase the volume on their toys, tablets, and computers.

Of course, many children will increase the volume if there is other noise in the room while they are watching TV or playing games. However, if the noise level in the room is low and they are still increasing the volume, they most likely are struggling to hear because of an underlying condition.

Loud Speech

Children with a hearing impairment may also speak louder than normal. They may increase their volume when talking to you, other children, and even teachers and school staff.

In most cases, children who are speaking louder than normal are not able to hear themselves clearly. Thus, they speak louder in an attempt to compensate for their inability to hear their own self talking.

Speech Issues

Another sign of a hearing impairment will involve their ability to speak certain words or complete sentences.

Each child is different and develops in different ways and at different times. On average, most school-aged children should be able to say most letters, sounds, and phrases while making complete sentences to hold a conversation with other children and adults.

Turns their Ear/Head

Lastly, a child with hearing loss may turn their head towards the person they are trying to hear.

By turning the ear to face you, another person, or the television/computer, the ear will be in direct contact with the sounds, which can help them hear in a more clear and concise way.

While effective, turning the head/ear towards the sound can actually do more harm than good. Very loud noises may actually damage the ear drum.

If your child is displaying one or more of these signs, consult an audiologist immediately. Help is available if your child requires hearing assistance. 


25 October 2018

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