The Goals of Spinal Rehabilitation

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Spinal rehabilitation is a gift for so many people. It allows many clients to return to some semblance of daily life, to find a routine wherever possible. If you are considering spinal rehab, you have a lot to think about. If you feel uncertain about what to expect, these are some of the goals you may develop with a professional.

1. Develop Realistic Rehab Goals

The first step of spinal rehab is to develop realistic goals. The best goals are those that have small steps you can achieve. For example, you may be working on standing up without assistance as part of your program. You may begin by working on lifting yourself up slightly with a bar.

2. Involve Family and Friends in Rehabilitation

For many people in rehab, getting others involved can be helpful. This gives others in your life the opportunity to see your progress and also to help you move safely at home.

3. Increase Strength

With rehabilitation, you can improve back strength. Corrective exercises will help you develop stronger muscles so that you can rely on them. Muscle building often begins with small movements, especially when your back is involved.

4. Increase Endurance

When you go to spinal rehab, part of the process will involve improving your endurance so that you can stand for long periods of time. You'll be able to sit and stand longer as you build stamina. This involves working not only the muscles in your back but also your cardiovascular system.

5. Increase Range of Motion & Flexibility

When you work with a rehabilitation professional, you can improve your body's flexibility. When you are working with a spinal injury, you don't want to risk hurting yourself while stretching. This is why it is so important to work with a therapist who understands your body's needs.

6. Use Adaptive Equipment When Helpful

For many people, adaptive equipment is part of daily life. In spinal rehab, you will learn how to use the right equipment for your needs. You'll learn how not only to get by but to thrive. Your rehab specialist will help you use the best tools based on your specific injury.

Begin Your Rehabilitation Journey Today

Are you ready to begin your spinal rehab journey on the path to healing? You are not alone. A local spinal rehab provider will help you through physical therapy and other steps in the process.


22 November 2021

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