Are Compounded Pet Medications Worth It?

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If you have a sick pet that requires constant medication, you may wonder if paying a little bit more for a compounded pet medication is worth the price. On the other hand, if you haven't heard of compounded medications, you and your pet are both in for a treat. Compounded medications are medications that have been changed into a different formulation to better suit a certain person or animal. For example, if your pet has a really difficult time taking medications orally, your pharmacist may be able to compound their medication into a transdermal gel or capsule that can be inserted anally. Compounded medications are usually slightly more expensive, though many people feel that they are well worth the cost. 

Here are a few ways compounded pet medications may improve your pet's medication needs. 

Less Stress

Some animals get really riled up when their owners try to give them medications. Oftentimes pet owners try to save their pets from stress by hiding medication in their food, though this can leave pets feeling paranoid and may even lead to eating problems. Instead of fighting with your pet to get them to eat their medications, choose a less stressful method for them with a compounded medication. Your compounding pharmacy may even be able to flavor your pet's medications so that their meds become a yummy treat for them. 

Easier Administration

Not only will compounding your pet's medications make it less stressful for them, but it will also make administration a lot easier for you. Ultimately, you need to think about how much your time is worth. You may pay a few dollars more for a compounded prescription, but you will probably save a lot of time throughout the week with easy medication administration. Instead of spending your free time trying to get your pet to take their meds, buy compounded medications and do something you enjoy. 

Take the Fear out of Meds

Even if you know how to get your pet to take their medications, other caregivers may not. Some pet owners may worry about leaving their animals with other people for fear that they will not be properly cared for. Fortunately, compounded medications can make the process easier for everyone. Worry no more with the easy administration of compounded meds. 

In conclusion, if your pet struggles with taking their medications, they may just need a different medium. Talk to a compounding pet pharmacy near you to see what your options are for your pet's prescription. 


28 February 2022

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