Hearing Aid Evaluations? What To Expect

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Hearing is a critical part of life, so when an individual presents signs and symptoms of declining hearing abilities—treatment for this loss is important. Often, the treatment process begins with an assessment known as a hearing evaluation. During this step, a professional gathers information and data to assess your condition and determine which type of device is best. 

More About Yourself

You might arrive at your appointment with the idea that the technicians and other audiology professionals are only concerned about the hearing aid device, but this is an inaccurate assessment. Just as people have varying degrees of hearing loss, what they need, or want, in a device, also varies. 

For this reason, the evaluation often begins with collecting helpful details about yourself. For example, the staff might want to find out just how active you are, such as if you run marathons or work a very laborious job. This detail is important because it helps determine which type of device will be most accommodating for your lifestyle needs. The team wants to get it right.

Audiometry Testing

One of the lengthier parts of the evaluation is the hearing test itself, more formally known as audiometry testing. With this option, a headset device is placed over your ears. Several tones are played in both ears, and you are given instructions as to what to do when you hear a sound.

Based on this feedback, the technician can better assess which degree of hearing loss you have in both ears, as it is possible to have different levels of loss in each ear. You must focus during this test, as the information collected will depict the type of device you are given.

Device Try-On

Once the team has measured your hearing loss and factored in your lifestyle accommodations, they will have you try on several devices that align with your needs and goals. A hearing aid will only work when it is worn. So, if there is any reason that you do not like the way the device looks or you have an issue with comfort—now is the time to speak up.

Let the technician know right away that you want to try on another device. Keep in mind that there is no shortage of hearing aid options so keep trying until you find a device you feel is right for you. 

Use all this information to prepare for your hearing aid evaluation. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask. To learn more, contact a company such as Audiology Services.


2 August 2022

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